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Yes, we only offer website reviews. mash of brands® is not a marketing agency or a consultancy (or designed to be a replacement for these services).

However, we believe that our ecommerce reviews will provide far more value for most new ecommerce owners than a complicated marketing strategy.

No, mash of brands® only provides website reviews. We do not use our reviews as lead magnets to try and sell you other services.

We only ever work with clients when we are confident we can add significant value to their business. We never take on clients to make up numbers. After receiving a new request, we will quickly review your website and decide if we can help you. 

Once we have agreed to start working with you, we will send you a questionnaire about your business. Upon receiving your completed questionnaire, we can begin our review process and write your report.

Once we have started working with you, reviews generally take 7 to 10 days to complete.

We only work directly with business owners or one of their immediate employees. We do not provide reviews for other marketing agencies or consultants.

Yes. When I started my ecommerce journey. $500 was a lot of money as I bootstrapped my first store.

I also know how easy it is for new business owners to get overwhelmed and seek out support, only to be exploited by "experts" taking advantage of this confusion.

At mash of brands®, we believe that most new business owners only need some guidance and advice, not a full-on marketing strategy, so we're here to offer that advice.

I occasionally provide free feedback on the Reddit subreddits r/marketing, r/ecommerce, and r/reviewmyshopify. However, I pick the posts I respond to at random.

Additionally, on Reddit, I only spend a few minutes looking at websites before providing rough initial thoughts. Full reviews take far longer to create and provide significantly more detail and advice than I provide on Reddit.

I genuinely enjoy this work. I have had a lot of ecommerce success, having built brands that venture capitalists eventually bought.

I created mash of brands® to offer the help and support I wish I’d had at the start of my journey to others who might only be struggling at the beginning of their own.