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A micro startup is a small, newly established company with a limited number of employees and resources. Typically, micro businesses are founded by one or two people, often working from home, and will usually only focus on a single product, category, or service.

Micro startups are often bootstrapped, meaning the founders fund them with their own money or through personal loans. In most cases, they can be launched with budgets of under $50k (or significantly less).

However, frequently micro businesses are more innovative and agile than larger companies. These businesses often have the potential to grow more quickly and generate higher returns than traditional startups. In our experience, a well-executed micro startup can realistically deliver a six-figure revenue or higher within their first year of trading.

Some of the benefits of starting a micro startup include:

  • The ability to be your own boss and set your own hours
  • The opportunity to be creative and innovative
  • The potential to make a significant impact on the world
  • The chance to work with your friends and family
  • The ability to earn six-plus figure incomes within your first year of trading

Some of the challenges of starting a micro startup include:

  • The need to wear multiple hats
  • The risk of failure
  • The long hours and hard work
  • The need to be constantly on the go
  • The lack of support as new situations and problems arise

However, at mash of brands®, we can help you mitigate many of these challenges and help you focus on building the micro business of your dreams.