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As a creative marketing consultant, I can work with you to develop innovative marketing that can be incorporated into everything your business does. We can design bold marketing strategies that will engage customers and transform them into super fans of your brand.

Unlike most consultants, I have been an entrepreneur who has grown my own crazy ideas into highly successful, category-defining brands. With over 20 years of experience, I launched mash of brands® to help ambitious entrepreneurs avoid the same mistakes I made as my own companies grew.

Sometimes, to rapidly grow, you need to run away from the crowd. Sometimes, to truly stand out, you need to whisper and not shout. And sometimes, to disrupt a market, you just need to say fuck it.

Jamie Ewan Henderson
Founder of mash of brands® | fuck it marketing™

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Successful entrepreneurs take chances. You can take a risk-free chance and discover what mash of brands® can deliver for your business.

Don't risk safe marketing or the wrong consultant: try before you buy