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about Jamie Ewan Henderson

Before launching mash of brands®, I spent 20 years working as a marketer, publicist, and entrepreneur. While at university in Edinburgh, I launched my first successful business, supplying bands to local venues. After receiving a degree in marketing, I studied at Le Cordon Bleu. My first job upon leaving Cordon Bleu was as the personal chef to the Dutch Ambassador. Later, I became a publicist, working at global agencies in London and Dubai before becoming Head of Media and Communications at an in-house role.

In 2009, I decided to say fuck it to making others rich, quit my real job, and started to pursue my dream of importing the world's finest artisan teas. Having helped clients develop and grow major brands in the past, I was confident I could do the same for myself. Starting with a budget of under £1,000, I bought 13kg of loose leaf tea; within a few years I had grown a small business selling tea on eBay into a six-figure income and multiple category-defining brands - which I later sold to a private equity firm.

After selling my companies, I started to occasionally provide free creative growth advice on Reddit. Soon I was inundated with requests from other new business owners who had seen my feedback, and wondered if I could help their companies grow too; this became the start of mash of brands®.

My goal as a consultant is to provide the help, support, and honest advice I wish I'd received when I quit my career and started my own micro startup adventure.

Jamie Ewan Henderson
Founder of mash of brands® | The Micro Startup Consultancy™